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We are a pure private label manufacturer for all types of light-cured nail gels and gel-polish with own product development. All products are manufactured in Austria. We manufacture for brand companies all over Europe and worldwide.

For almost every application we offer the right product. Please view the attached product overview.

Our colour range (COLOR GEL, LAQpro gel-polish) comprises around 320 shades and effects.

We mostly deliver our products in bulk but we also offer filling into our standard packaging or into customer packaging which is delivered to us.

Due to the high number of requests, we have to charge a symbolic value of EUR 2,- per sample unit plus transport.

In case of a follow-up order the amount will be refunded.


€ 158,00
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Product Details


Contains 79 units 4g / 5ml / 30ml

3 types of BOND ( 1 Power Bonder, 1 MA Bonder, 1 Vitamin Bonder)

6 types of transparent BUILD sculpting gels in different viscosities

3 shades BUILD&BOOM sculpting gels

5 shades BUILD&CONCEAL sculpting gels

5 shades BUILD COOL sculpting gels - Low heat gels

2 shades BIULD PURE sculpting gels - Lip Gloss nail gel

4 types of FRENCH brush-on

2 types of FRENCH sculpting

4 types HIGH GLOSS with dispersion

4 types HIGH GLOSS DRY - without dispersion - no wipe

6 shades of COLOUR GEL

2 types of LAQpro base

2 types of LAQpro top

1 types of LAQpro top & base (Dual Coat)

12 colors of LAQpro

4 LAQpro base & conceal - soak off builder gel

3 types of rubber base

6 Shades of PlastoGel

Liquids :

1 Cleaner Fruit & Flowers

1 Cleaner Vanilla Queen

1 Cleaner ultra shine

1 Dehydrator

1 PlastoGel liquid sample

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