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PlastoGel ( the revolutionary AcryGel / PolyGel) !


Discover the Ultimate in Nail Enhancement: PlastoGel ( the revolutionary AcryGel / PolyGel) !

Tired of traditional Acrygel that feels like chewing gum? Experience the future of nail enhancement with our advanced formula, PlastoGel!

Available in eight stunning shades, PlastoGel is the epitome of convenience and quality. Here’s why you’ll love it:

✨ Particularly stable

✨ Ideal for dual tips or press-on tips

✨ Unlimited time for modeling

✨ Bubble-free removal directly from the jar

✨ Easy to use and odorless

✨ Effortless filing

✨ Optimum adhesion (use our BOND as a base for maximum adhesion)

✨ Perfect for combining with (Gel polish, Color Gel, French Gel, etc.)

✨ For best results, try it with our PlastoGel liquid

✨ HEMA free

Plus, PlastoGel is crafted with the purest raw materials, ensuring it’s safe and free from allergenic ingredients. Your clients deserve the best, and PlastoGel delivers excellence every time.

It easy to extract from the jar not like the traditional Acrygel tubes. This feature allows you to dispense the exact amount you need without difficulty.

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